R.D. Fitzgerald Trophy

The R.D. Fitzgerald Trophy

A Trophy for Work with Australian Native Orchid Species

Sarco. Fitzhart ‘Red’

Sarco. Melody Bubbles

Caladenia filamentosa

As the popularity of Australian native orchids grows, more attention is being given to species, particularly in the realm of line breeding in an attempt to enhance their particular attractiveness. This was brought to the attention of the Ira Butler Trophy Committee and after much consideration it was agreed that some recognition should be given to those who have done significant work in this direction.

In discussion on the problem of the position of Australian species at present, it was realised that line breeding was only one aspect of work that was being done. Their preservation in many cases was of paramount importance. Yet another aspect was the task of improving the propagation of species.

It was decided that the time had come for a trophy for work on species. As a name for this new trophy it was decided to honour Robert David FitzGerald who had quietly done a great dealt to popularise Australian orchid species.

The objective of the trophy is defined as:-

The R.D. FitzGerald Trophy is a trophy presented for work of major significance to the development, advancement and propagation of Australian Native Orchid Species.

Nomination may come from any ANOS Group and should be directed to ANOS Council for consideration and forwarding to the Ira Butler Trophy Committee or may also come from any State Affiliated Orchid Society through the relevant State Society to the Orchid society of N.S.W. for consideration and then forwarded to the Ira Butler Trophy Committee (I.B.T.C).

The nomination should take the form of a written submission with full details and relevant documentation to enable the I.B.T.C to reach a decision. All documentation including photographic evidence will become the property of the I.B.T.C.

This trophy is not to be given on a regular basis but as a nomination accepted by the I.B.T.C. as a matter of principle the trophy will be given to a person only once except in exceptional circumstances.

Guidelines for Submissions for this Award

  1. A submission must originate from one of the following:-
    1. The Ira Butler Committee
    2. Australasian Native Orchid Society Council
    3. An Australasian Native Orchid Society Group or Associated Native Orchid Society, through Australasian Native Orchid Society Council
    4. A State Orchid Society
    5. A State affiliated Society, through the relevant State Society.
  2. The submission must be formally prepared on Society letterhead, signed by the person who prepared it and also signed by the President of the Society
  3. The object of the submission should be to provide enough evidence to convince the members of the Ira Butler Trophy Committee that the nominee is worthy of the trophy. The submission should be prepared on the assumption that the Ira Butler Trophy Committee members know nothing of the work of the nominee, either from firsthand knowledge or by reputation and that the members must be persuaded to grant the trophy form that position.
  4. A submission should be prepared by someone with a comprehensive knowledge of the work and achievements of the nominee. It should include details of breeding lines, specific breeding plants and results of breeding programmes where appropriate. It should not be a simple overview of the career of the nominee, but a complete and detailed survey from the beginning to the present.
  5. Details or copies of writing or papers delivered on the nominee’s field of endeavour or expertise should be included. Any experimentation to improve growing techniques undertaken by the nominee or activities designed to encourage the growing of Australian orchids in this country or overseas, should also be detailed.
  6. The philosophical aspects of the nominee’s approach to his work as it applies to the objects of the trophy should be noted. Information on awarded plants and championship winners will also contribute to the submission.
  7. The submission must be supported by a wide range of colour slides and other photographic evidence illustration the work of the nominee. The Ira Butler Trophy Committee would normally expect a minimum of 40 slides to accompany a submission. A submission guarantees the Ira Butler Trophy Committee the right to reproduce the slides or colour photographs as it sees fit.
  8. Some background information on the life and times of the nominee should be included, especially the involvement of the nominee with the local, State and National orchid bodies and judging panels.

This information reproduced from Orchadian articles (Date and Volume and issue etc) by Ruth Rudkin, Secretary Ira Butler Trophy Committee 1995.


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